VMAN - visual artist: "Making art builds up mental resistance and sharpens my perception.
The repetitive motion of a brush on a canvas works enchanting!
When intuition takes over, you're being transported to another dimension, intens,
meaningfull, one with life, pure happiness." 

"Movement" - Vman (c) 2014 - Oil on canvas 140cm x 100cm


> Analytical / synthesizing
> Semi-abscract
> Non-figurative
> Ideoplastic, mental remodeling of natural subjects
> Aesthetic, quest for beauty


> Techno (r)evolution / innovation
> Mass production / mass consumption
> Acceleration of society, hyper-mode
> Urbanization / environment
> Transformation
> Nominal versus universal values
> Repetition / simultaneity / dynamics, study of movement
> Focus on future
"The first and greatest privilege of an artist is to be a conscious builder of his own ideas."
Roger Allard in 'The signs of Renewal in Painting' - 1912

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